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If you’re ready to get your money right by having absolute control over your business/personal bank accounts, loans, credit cards, budget, investments and net worth, then you need the Smart Money Manager.

About Founder Leo Kanell

Leo is the Founder & CEO of 7 Figures Funding, Funding CEO Academy & the 7 Figures Club Podcast. He also Co-Founded the My Figures Money App. He authored the best selling book titled the Business Funding Formula. He and his teams have secured over half a billion in funding for thousands of clients.

Leo’s calling is to provide funding for startups and newer small business owners with aggressive funding solutions on his funding marketplace and powerful education to empower his clients. He also has pioneered the buildout of the premier funding partner portal tracking software, with over 3,000 users nationwide loan brokers, consultants and coaches are able to quickly secure funding at a 0% rate for up to 20 months to build their dream business.

Leo is a Husband, Father of 5, Speaker, Author and fights for relentless fitness endeavors. He, his wife Jill and their 5 kids reside in Lehi, Utah where they wakeboard in the summer and snowboard in the winter


The world’s biggest problems will be solved by Entrepreneurs. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or recently took the plunge to become a business owner then this podcast is for you! Founder of multiple 7 figures businesses, Leo Kanell, is your host sharing proven strategies, resources and interviews with 8 figure entrepreneurs to empower you to future growth and success! Join us for high quality content geared towards your business’ long term success. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a “newbie,” we’ll give you valuable tools & insights to maximize YOUR RESULTS!

The #1 Podcast for Startups & Aspiring Entrepreneurs

What the 7 Figures Community Is Saying

Tyler Talbot, Entrepreneur

Each year working with Leo and implementing these 7 figures principles my personal income grows by 6 figures or more.

Nathan & Haley Russell, Intrapreneurs

We used to be 9 to 5, now we have the freedom to control our schedule and make a lot more money!

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