001: Dads Get Their Money Right, NFL, Elon, Bob Iger & Christmas!

In today’s episode, we dive into some timely and important topics. First up at 03:28, we discuss how the US family’s savings have been shrinking significantly in recent times and what this means for the economy. Next, at 13:20, we shift our focus to sports and take a look at some NFL contenders that have been exposed as cause for concern, specifically the Jets, Giants, Vikings, and Ravens.

At 29:00, we delve into the mindset of one of the most successful and ambitious individuals in the world – Elon Musk. We examine his ultimatum on hardcore work and what lessons we can learn from him. At 37:55, we turn our attention to leadership, specifically the recent return of Bob Iger as CEO of Disney, and the valuable lessons on leadership we can learn from him.

Lastly, at 46:25 we take a look at the impact of stress on American families. We discuss how stressed-out Americans plan to buy fewer Christmas gifts, donate less to charity and we analyze the implications of this on the economy and society. At 48:00, we explore the real meaning of financial freedom and discuss how it can be achieved.”


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