002: College Sucks – NFL Week 12 – Are you Relentless – China wants Freedom

This podcast episode starts off by discussing the topic of money and the job market. The host mentions how in a tight labor market, employers are rethinking their requirements for job candidates, specifically the need for college degrees. They discuss how many employers are now looking for job candidates with experience and skills rather than just a college degree. This segment starts at 03:07.

Moving on, at 12:33, the focus shifts to sports and the host provides a summary of the key takeaways from the Week 12 games in the 2022 NFL season.

At 21:00, the topic of discussion is mindset and the host talks about the importance of being relentless as an entrepreneur. They suggest that entrepreneurs should not take time off during the holidays, as it can be a crucial time to grow their business.

At 30:57, the discussion turns to politics and the host addresses the recent protests in China, and the Chinese government’s response to them. They wonder whether China wants freedom and how the protests have put President Xi Jinping in a bind.

The topic shifts to family and the state of the American Dream. The host mentions how rising mortgage rates are causing more people to choose to rent single-family homes, rather than buying them, and whether this is a sign that the American Dream is dead.

Finally, at 47:24, the host wraps up the episode by discussing the concept of financial freedom and what it means to truly be financially free.


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