010: What the So-Called Experts Say About a RECESSION in 2023!

Today’s episode is about a variety of topics including money, mindset, sports, family, mastery, and freedom. In the money segment, the podcast discusses a potential recession in 2023 and what experts are saying about it. The mindset segment covers traits that can help someone succeed, according to the trainer of Michael Jordan. In the sports segment, the podcast covers the College Football Championship game between Georgia and TCU, specifically focusing on the story of Georgia’s quarterback, Stetson Bennett, and his role in rewriting the team’s script and becoming a legend. The family segment offers four financial resolutions for straightening out family finances in 2023. The mastery segment emphasizes the importance of work ethic and accountability, noting that Disney will require its workers to come to the office four days a week starting in March. Finally, the freedom segment discusses the cost of traveling the world on a RTW budget for a year in 2023.


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