030: How to Take Cover From the Next Banking Crisis!

In this episode of the podcast, the hosts discuss a range of topics including how to prepare for the next banking crisis as a business owner or funder. They explore the slowing down of banks and venture capital and provide insights on how small businesses can find safety before the next crisis hits.

Moving on to sports, the hosts delve into the injury data of grass versus turf in football, highlighting the potential risks and benefits of each. They also talk about the recent expansion of teams in the NFL, such as the Raiders and A’s.

The hosts then shift the conversation to mindset, discussing the benefits of resisting instant gratification. They explain how having patience and delaying gratification can lead to greater long-term success and fulfillment.

Finally, the hosts touch on recent news in the tech world, specifically the news of Elon Musk building Twitter as a public square. They also discuss the recent explosion of the Space X starship and what this means for the future of space exploration. Overall, this episode offers a diverse range of topics and insights for listeners.


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