031: Why Thinking Like an Underwriter Makes Fortunes!

In this podcast episode, the hosts cover a range of topics, from money to politics, sports, and mastery.

Firstly, they discuss how thinking like an underwriter can help you make a fortune. They explain that underwriting involves assessing the risks associated with lending money to someone and using that information to make informed decisions. The hosts argue that applying this approach to investments and business decisions can lead to more successful outcomes.

Next, the hosts move on to politics and talk about why Tucker Carlson is a necessary voice in the country and for capitalism. They argue that Carlson’s views are essential for challenging mainstream narratives and promoting free-market principles. They also discuss how Carlson’s criticism of big tech and media companies aligns with his belief in the importance of individual freedoms.

In the sports segment, the hosts break down the genius strategies that made Nike billions, using the example of the Air Jordan movie. They explain how Nike’s marketing approach helped to create an iconic brand and generate huge profits, despite facing significant challenges along the way.

Finally, the hosts address the topic of mastery and how small businesses can get screwed by business credit reporting firms. They argue that these firms often prioritize the interests of larger companies over small businesses, which can lead to unfair credit ratings and higher costs. They provide some tips for small business owners to protect themselves and improve their credit ratings.


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