032: Small Business Financing Trends in 2023 to Watch!

In this podcast episode, the hosts cover a range of topics related to money, freedom, sports, and mastery. They start off discussing small business financing trends that are worth watching, including changes in the types of financing available and the impact of technology on lending practices.

The conversation then turns to freedom of speech, particularly in the context of Twitter. The hosts discuss how the platform is working to promote free speech while also combating hate speech and misinformation. They explore the challenges that Twitter faces in this area and the steps they are taking to address them.

Next up is a discussion of the new Air Jordan movie, which breaks down the genius strategies that made Nike billions. The hosts delve into the marketing tactics used by Nike to build a brand around Michael Jordan and his signature shoes.

In sports news, the hosts celebrate the promotion of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s soccer team to the English Football League. They discuss the team’s journey and what this achievement means for the future of the club.

Finally, the hosts talk about how small businesses can be negatively impacted by business credit reporting firms. They explain how these firms gather and report credit information and how errors or inaccuracies in credit reports can harm small businesses. They also offer tips for small businesses to protect themselves from these risks.


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