033: Overcoming the Biggest Financial Hurdles for SMB’s, Gen Z, X & Millennials!

Welcome to this episode of the podcast, where we’ll be discussing a range of topics from overcoming financial hurdles for small and medium-sized businesses to the financial goals of Generation Z for 2023, creating a money-making mindset, and even NFL draft grades for all NFL teams.

We’ll begin by discussing the challenges that small and medium-sized businesses face when it comes to finances, and strategies to overcome these hurdles. We’ll also explore the financial goals of Generation Z, despite facing many obstacles such as student debt, rising housing prices, and a competitive job market. We’ll dive into how they can stay focused and motivated to achieve their goals.

Next, we’ll shift our focus to the mindset required for creating wealth and financial success. We’ll discuss the importance of a money-making mindset and practical tips for developing one. Our discussion will cover the importance of building a strong financial foundation, setting achievable goals, and developing healthy financial habits.

Finally, we’ll wrap up our episode by discussing the NFL draft grades for all NFL teams. We’ll analyze the picks made by each team, and give our take on who came out on top and who could have done better.


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