035: Is the US Dollar Doomed as the Global Reserve Currency?

In this compelling episode, our hosts delve into the intriguing question: “Is the US Dollar Doomed as the Global Reserve Currency?” They dive deep into the implications of such a shift, the forces that could lead to this event, and the potential economic, political, and societal consequences.

The conversation then transitions to personal growth, drawing insights from the film ‘The Covenant.’ The hosts dissect how a relentless mindset paves the way for extraordinary success, applying these lessons to real-life scenarios.

The sports segment covers the freshly released NFL schedules, offering exciting predictions and a look into the strategic planning of the upcoming season.

Concluding the episode, the hosts break down the strategic genius behind Nike’s billion-dollar Air Jordan franchise in a segment titled “Mastery.” 

Join us as we navigate the intersections of money, mindset, sports, and mastery, providing valuable insights for finance enthusiasts, personal growth seekers, sports fans, and aspiring entrepreneurs alike.


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