053: How to Build a FUNDABLE Business in 2023!

In this compelling episode, our hosts cover a gamut of topics that touch on the intersection of business, politics, and even sports. The episode starts off by diving deep into the mechanics of creating a fundable business. Backed by insights from a renowned venture capitalist, the hosts unpack what makes a business attractive to investors, from a robust business model to scalability and a unique value proposition. This segment aims to give aspiring business owners a blueprint for not just surviving but thriving in today’s competitive marketplace.

Shifting gears, the conversation moves to the psychological aspect of entrepreneurship. The hosts list 11 mindset traits commonly found in successful entrepreneurs, from resilience and risk-taking to focus and adaptability. Understanding that running a business is not just about numbers but also about the right mindset, this segment offers listeners invaluable tips for personal growth and success.

In the politically-charged third segment, the hosts turn their attention to the upcoming presidential election, specifically examining which candidates offer the most promise for the entrepreneurial community. Through a detailed analysis of policy proposals and legislative track records, they shed light on which political figures are most likely to support innovation and business growth.

Wrapping up the episode is a lighter but equally engaging discussion on sports. The hosts offer their predictions for which three NFL quarterbacks are set to have the most impactful years. Drawing upon stats, past performances, and upcoming matchups, this segment is a must-listen for both sports enthusiasts and those looking to understand the qualities of high-performing individuals in any field.

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a political aficionado, or a sports fan, this episode is packed with insights that aim to inform, educate, and entertain.


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