056: Funnels.com – SHAQIR HUSSYIN – 3 x 8 Figure Businesses Before Age 30!

This interview with Shaqir Hussyin is incredible!  He brought us so much gold!  He talked about his roots in ecommerce with eBay and how he spent over $300,000 on personal development.  We talked about owning our responsibilities and building on our own real values and principles.

He talked about always being the student and the importance of speed and urgency towards success while focusing on the top one to three things that actually move the needle.  We talked about mindset, focus, genius energy, lessons learned (including from angel investing), that ego is the enemy and to create something that brings value to a lot of people.  

We talked also about getting daily new customers for generational wealth.  We talked about systems, funnels, traffic and getting clarity in your message and who you serve.  We must be specific and look to those who have gone before to model their success.  Let’s go!


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