058: Tony Robbins’ First Coach & Jim Rohn’s Partner (w/ JIM BRITT)

Jim Britt gave us a spellbinding interview telling us about his childhood when he started working at age 6, moving every year until 9th grade.  He was invited to a life-changing event and, through sheer persistence, was able to change the course of his life.  

He started in sales and, after a year of failure, was able to turn that around by learning the formula to find and solve others’ pain points.  He told of success traits and overcoming the “getting by” mentality.  He expounded on the unfortunate power of our excuses and self-imposed limitations.  

He shared how he wrote 15 books and learning to let go and learn from failures along the way.  He told about his six boys and how he worked with the late billionaire Bill Bartmann, the late, great Jim Rohn and some incredible stories from working with a 17 year old Tony Robbins!  Let’s go!


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