062: 7 Financial Secrets for Solopreneurs – New Book We’re Writing!

In this episode of “Go Figure”, our two hosts delve into a dual discussion on both money and sports.

Firstly, they explore the financial realm, specifically for solopreneurs. They shed light on a forthcoming book that uncovers seven pivotal financial secrets tailored for those navigating the entrepreneurial journey solo. The conversation touches upon the nuances of financial planning, the importance of strategic investment, and the benefits of understanding cash flow as a solopreneur. The hosts emphasize the unique challenges and advantages that come with managing finances as a one-person business.

Transitioning to sports, the conversation shifts gears to the NFL. Six weeks into the season, the hosts evaluate the top 5 teams that have made a significant mark. They discuss team performances, standout players, and the surprises and disappointments of the season so far. Comparisons are drawn, predictions are made, and the hosts engage in a lively debate about who might end the season at the very top.


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