062: True Rags to Riches Story (w/ MICHAEL BARAYEV)

This is a powerful episode of persistence, resilience, obsession and ALL the real principles behind real success.  Michael shared about his rough upbringing as an immigrant from Uzbekistan in the early 90’s.  From domestic violence to poor school experiences, he transitioned and rose from the ashes of failure to learn about building teams, investing and success principles.

After starting door-to-door selling with a few companies and struggling his way from the diamond district in New York, he found his hustle and hunger.  By knocking doors and recruiting, he found the power of consistency and predictability to build a sustainable business.  He learned about sustainability through duplicatable systems and processes all while training leaders for consistent growth.  

He shared with us about the importance of having a massive vision, that you have to DESIRE and HUNGER for success as much as you want to breathe, and why the key to real freedom in business is not about just keeping busy, but mostly about being truly productive.  Let’s go!


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