064: Earn 7 FIGURES Per Land Development Deal! (w/ CODY BJUGAN)

Cody Bjugan shared his story of a difficult and financially strained childhood where he learned “what not to be” by watching his father.  He came to realize that talk is cheap and knew he could pivot and make a different legacy for himself.  After getting married and having a child straight out of high school, the life challenges abounded.

Eventually, after being driven and working hard in the mainstream workforce, Cody began a personal development journey and learned from grinding.  He knew he was not going to give up and he believed in himself.  He had to keep his focus on his purpose and his “why”!  He learned through the process of trials and tribulations – including the 2008 financial crisis – that life’s difficulties always present opportunities.

After being mentored and running a business, Cody reached out to a big local real estate person who quickly became another mentor and ultimately a partner.  Cody learned the value of finding and structuring off-market land deals and he explained much of the logistics of it all to us.  Let’s go!


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