065: From Startup Failure to Massive Media Success! (w/ WARREN COUGHLIN)

The story of Warren Coughlin starts with him almost dying at child birth.  He says this planted some seeds in him of maximizing his life and taking smart and calculated risks as an entrepreneur.

He left his law practice to start a semi-pro sports team and experienced a loss (with a semi-win from learning).  He went on to teach a marketing law course while preparing for his next attempt, which would prove successful.

He worked for big brands in New Media and showed us the mindset of a winner.  He talked about the importance of learning, figuring out problems at their root as well as locking in your vision and unique selling proposition.  He shared some insights about not giving up as well as avoiding being too reactive – especially in light of unforeseen trials such as covid.  He shared much, much more including the importance of a balanced approach to both strategy and culture.  Visit WarrenCoughlin.com for more!


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