067: Making Entrepreneur Superstars into Influencers (w/ Michelle Villalobos)

Michelle came to us with so much value, it’ll make your head spin!  After being born to immigrant parents and learning the hard paths, she became a major achiever and was even number one in her class.  When she subsequently got sucked into her job, she finally became an entrepreneur.  And, guess what?!  She found that that was even harder.  It took her 7 1/2 years to experiment and grow incrementally.  After hitting a rock bottom of sorts, she found a mentor and standardized her work.  She saw the value of recurring revenue as well as mindset.  She shares with us here some great insights about selling directly – not just on a webinar, the value of authenticity (which is “alignment with [our] truest self”) and the importance of maintaining a solid balance in life and business.  Let’s go!


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