072: How to Generate $250M in Content Sales! (w/ MARQUEL RUSSELL)

In this episode, Marquel brought us some really solid strategies he has implemented for the last 10+ years to generate over $250 million in sales for his clients.  He shows businesses how to properly engage in client attraction.

He also elaborates on his past when he was a young entrepreneur that, for a time, engaged in dealing drugs and went to jail.  He realized he was done with the jail thing and found tons of value in online marketing.  He did share many of the business and marketing skills he learned in the drug trade such as critical thinking, leadership, samples (free value), etc.

Now, after changing his life, he helps coaches, consultants, agencies, course creators, speakers and more to maximize high ticket sales with the right client attraction models, timing and pricing strategies.  The main thing is employing a strategy of consistency!

Check out more at PaidAdPlaybook.com!


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