077: Why Are You OK With Losing?

We talked today about several facets of winning and what our mindsets should be.  We talked about learning lessons along the way and shared a story of my son, Marcus, who is very competitive.  

We talked about how competition itself brings out the best in us and the silly nonsense of the recent “participation trophies” trend.  We talked about keeping score and why teachers, coaches and society at large teach us to be ok with losing.  

We discussed learning how to gauge what it takes to win and turning failures along the way into stepping stones.  We talked about the rise of China’s economy and whether we are going to be OK with China overtaking the USA economically and winning…  

We talked about the importance of changing mindset, competing everyday and defining winning in order to constantly grow.  Lastly, we covered the importance of measuring results and getting to a place where we actually hate losing!  Let’s go!


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