087: Screw the Nine to Five! (w/ JILL STANTON)

In this episode, we had the amazing honor of welcoming and chatting candidly with the one and only Jill Stanton of Screw the Nine to Five.  

She told about her early years and never really being cut out for a “normal job”.  She told some stories about her husband and business partner Josh’s first attempts at entrepreneurship as well.  She talks about how they eventually built websites and cracked the code of successful course launches.  

She shared some of the process related to mastering the right skills and managing your products, including pricing.  She talked about the important “10% edge” concept as well as the need to maximize results of your sales process and general marketing.  

She shared some examples from her students and talked about their launch process.  She also talks about mastering traffic and building the whole thing around YOUR specific lifestyle and needs.  Let’s go!


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