096: Traffic & Conversions Summit – Finding 8 Figure Mentors!

We talked about some amazing gems of knowledge and experience acquired this week at the Traffic & Conversions Summit in sunny San Diego!  We shared many tidbits related to the evolving landscape of social media and the real importance of OWNING your own audience and data.  

We shared insights from billionaire Lululemon CEO Chip Wilson, Steve Sims, Pedro Adao, Martha Stewart and so many others.  We talked at length about the importance of following through with commitments – doing what we say we will do!  We talked about finding mentors and being relentless with ironclad systems and processes.  

We talked about how Grant Cardone says to “reach up” as he has done to think and act like a billionaire.  We talked about the importance of being cognizant of potential partners’ and mentors’ needs to bring value first because you are the sum of the 5-10 people you hang out with the most!  Let’s go!


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