097: Turn Your ”Pissed Off” Energy Into Positive Action & Solutions!

In this episode, we talked first about how champions create separation on Fridays.  We talked about turning anger into productivity and some recent stories of people we’ve worked with dropping the ball and wasting our time.  We talked about the importance of finding like-minded people and to stop feeling sorry for ourselves as victims when things go wrong.  

We shared the value of being unreasonably optimistic!  We also discussed not “making love” to problems, but rather focusing on solutions.  We talked about some tips to deal with negative, angry energy as well as setting micro goals each day to control what we are able to.  

We shared some of the tale of Ray Kroc and the impressive growth of McDonald’s.  We talked about some of our own personal difficulties of past businesses and the importance of pivoting when necessary.  We talked about the immense importance also of controlling how we react, confront adversity and focus on solutions.  Let’s go!


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