108: The Secret Tom Brady Uses to Win Super Bowls at Age 43!

We talked a great deal in today’s episode about the constant need for growth and striving to maximize our potential.  We shared some insights from Tom Brady’s show “Man in the Arena,” including the mindset and inherent challenges of champions.  

Tom expects to constantly pull all potential out of himself and is working to make progress each and every day.  We talked about the grand importance of not celebrating or getting comfortable too soon.  We even covered the concept of the fact that we are always either growing or regressing.  We must always be looking for ways to get better in all the areas of life that matter – family, sports, business, etc.

We even covered some of my own mistakes in my 20’s in these areas.  We talked about always looking for the next hurdle to achieve potential.  We talked about the sad tale of Blockbuster getting comfortable and then stopping investment and innovation, thus rendering them obsolete and, ultimately, out of business.


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