111: Brash Military Contrarian Software Genius! (w/ TROY BROUSSARD!)

Troy Broussard is dynamic and highly knowledgeable software engineer with a strong military and nuclear engineering background.  He shared with us how he developed a “burning desire” for independence and why he thanks his sister for that.  He told us about living outside of the USA, especially Brazil, and the impact and perspective that gave.  

He talked at length about the often-squandered massive opportunities in America for those who are willing to work.  He told more of his background being raised up in the corporate world, getting involved in real estate and losing EVERYTHING in 2008.  He even shared more about the military-instilled attitude of perseverance and the importance of admitting ignorance.  He shared so much more including why his services are for “the professional marketer that values their time.”  Let’s go!


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