127: Celebrity Entrepreneur Asks, ”Do You Have a Money Date?” (w/ PENELOPE JANE SMITH!)

Penelope Jane Smith shares some wonderful insights from her business, Real Prosperity, Inc. regarding how to get a handle on our money and live in freedom & joy instead of debt & obligation.  She talks about the problems with our education system, focused on grades/job/resume and some of her story of becoming entrepreneurial and an extrovert.

Penelope shares observations about how easily we take things for granted and the importance of creating freedom from becoming cash flow positive.  She talks about what true freedom means by becoming cash flow POSITIVE!  She shares insights about her M.E.S.S. system and the massive importance of setting a MONEY DATE!  She talks more about how to keep track and create a cash flow plan with a special invitation to her live event through this link – GiftFromPenelope.com…  Her biggest moral is for all of us to do something today that our future self will thank us for!  Let’s go!


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