135: The Lucky Formula to 8 Figure Exits! (w/ MARK LACHANCE!)

Mark LaChance is a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur and author of best-selling book, The Lucky Formula.  He grew up in a farming family in Quebec, Canada.  He talks with us about college and we discuss the massive increases in related costs.  He tells of his experience as a sports agent and how to create a stable and predictable revenue.

Mark also shares how he found $200k to invest in his next opportunity and expounds on the importance of building a great reputation, work ethic and just bringing VALUE.  He talks about important principles of leadership.  He also elaborates on putting odds in your favor with his “lucky formula” and keeping ourselves in the right place through meditation, nutrition, proper actions, etc.  Check out the quiz he referenced here: https://theluckyformula.com/quiz


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