139: The Science of Marketing with Kuware! (w/ AVI KUMAR!)

In today’s episode, Avi Kumar shares tons of value starting with his story of being an immigrant.  He started working with Intel and learned the value of investing money in marketing to get a return.  He transitioned from hardware to selling software online.  He tells us about the importance of knowing profit margins to maximize marketing dollars.  He talks about a business centric approach and the potential synergy between advertising platforms.

Avi goes on to share how we break down numbers into a science with 6 equations to get the best results.  He gives us tips about choosing the best platform(s) on which to advertise and the all-important process of testing with an open mind.  He tells us of his strategies utilizing Google ads and PPC in general as well as the important detail of understanding your product, customer and WHY they are buying.  Learn more at: kuware.com and invisibleppc.com


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