144: Get Published – Become An Authority! (w/ JULIE BROAD!)

Julie Broad helps entrepreneurs become successful, self-published authors.  After growing up working on her parents’ motel from the age of 10, Julie took her business and entrepreneurial skills into adulthood as a real estate investor with her own accompanying training education company.  She began self-publishing after working with a publisher where their initial work and proposal had fallen through.  She realized that self-publishing opens doors to opportunities and made her an expert on media and speaking on stages.  

She talks here about the big picture importance of knowing who you’re talking to and purpose of your message.  She shares how important it is to talk about mistakes and failures to be authentic and memorable.  She tells us of the many benefits of self-publishing including that you keep all the rights, royalties and control.  Julie talks further about her rigorous team and the importance of an up-front marketing plan with a call-to-action at the beginning and throughout a book.  She shares how to build trust through an email list and options for ghostwriting scenarios.  Learn more at: BookLaunchers.com/businessbook


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