154: Transform from Entrepreneur to CEO! (w/ DENA PATTON!)

Dena Patton shares some wonderful, sound strategies to rise to our full potential of greatness.  She talks with us about the excitement of jumping in as an entrepreneur and tells some of her story developing systems for Broadway and off-Broadway shows in NYC.  She shares insights on how to transition from an entrepreneur to a CEO with clarity and awareness.  She encourages CEOs to think and act like a million dollar CEO fro 30 days with intention, focus and strategy to develop teams and mindset – to also be a GREAT leader!

Dena talks about auditing systems and looking for chaos and breakdown that creates money-losing holes.  She elaborates on the deep and important need for a SMOOTH and precise onboarding process.  She even goes on to talk about tips for CEO self-care.  She talks about preventive maintenance for a mind/body/spirit balance and how to become your highest, greatest version of oneself.  For more info, visit: AmazingGreatness.com and DenaPatton.com

Also, buy her book, The Greatness Game!


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