156: How To Earn High ROI During A Recession Passively! (w/ DR VIKRAM RAYA!)

In this episode, we have the privilege of speaking with and learning from the head of Viking Capital: Dr. Vikram Raya. He tells us about his background as an immigrant from India and being interested in apartments as his family lived in them for much of his childhood. He shares why investing in multi-family rental real estate is inflation/recession resistant. His team secures the best deals by vetting many and being very selective.

We discuss further an ongoing supply and demand relationship that is benefiting this investment class. He explains the best two classes of rentals to invest in. He also talks about the importance of creating a brand of loyalty and a solid reputation with local communities. He also imparts about tax benefits and how to properly follow the “algorithm of success”. Learn more here: VikingMultiFamily.com


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