159: 7 Keys to 7 Figures eCommerce! (w/ LESLIE KUSTER!)

Leslie is a dynamic guest who first shares with us her story of going to Indonesia and, on a whim, buying some clothes and learning to then sell those clothes in NYC. She tells us why freedom is a foundational value for her life and the challenges with not knowing what to do in her business initially. Leslie shares the importance of getting a coach to help as well as changing mindset from a 5 figure business to become a multiple 7 figures business.

We discuss at length the nature of limiting beliefs and how to overcome them. We talk about how to talk about money and allowing oneself to WANT money. Leslie shares the concepts behind the term “princess power” and how female entrepreneurs can build their own “tower”. She discusses how you can have a very successful business and not have to work all the time. She talks about ways to increase profit and how to pay yourself because you can’t be working for free. For more info, visit: https://LeslieKuster.com


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