161: Making Money in a Down Real Estate Market! (w/ CHRIS PREFONTAINE!)

Chris Prefontaine is the founder and CEO of Smart Real Estate Coach, a company that helps individuals and families invest in real estate and create the life of their dreams. The company, which is based in North America, was founded in 2014 by Prefontaine and is now run by a family team, including Prefontaine’s son Nick, daughter Kayla, and son-in-law Zachary. The team at Smart Real Estate Coach helps investors to scale and automate their businesses through coaching, mentorship, and consulting, teaching them how to set up the necessary foundation for a successful real estate business, generate leads, find the best properties in their area, and buy homes without using their own cash or credit. 

The company also has a YouTube channel, a podcast, several annual live events, and a series of fully online self-guided courses. Smart Real Estate Coach claims to complete 12-15 deals per month and control tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate with little to no money down. A portion of the profits from each real estate deal is donated to Franciscan Children’s hospital, where Prefontaine’s son Nick received care after a snowboarding accident in 2003.

Learn more here: https://smartrealestatecoach.com/mastersclass
Get the free book here: https://wickedsmartbooks.com/leo


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