167: How Funding CEO Damon Built a 7 Figures Funding Empire! (w/ DAMON ALEXANDER!)

Damon Aleczander is the founder of Impruvu, a financial education and improvement company that helps clients secure loans and funding, even with subpar credit scores. Impruvu offers an online course with credit secrets and knowledge to empower clients to improve their financial well-being. The company is known for its sincere and compassionate approach, 360-degree full-service agency, and its focus on growth, work-life balance, and appreciation. Impruvu also lends money to start-ups with innovative ideas. Damon Aleczander has funded hundreds of millions (USD) to start-ups and has cleared thousands of credit reports. He operates with the belief in serving clients, not just selling to them, and is working towards making the US financially literate.

For more info, visit: https://impruvu.io


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