177: 8 Figures Geofence Marketing! (w/ JUSTIN CROXTON!)

Justin Croxton, an Inc 5000 entrepreneur, co-founder, digital enthusiast, father, and husband, is the Managing Partner of Propellant Media. He is dedicated to helping enterprises implement cutting-edge lead generation solutions, addressing the challenges of wasted advertising spend and the struggle to find digital agencies that deliver positive ROI.

Propellant Media offers innovative, profit-driven marketing programs that drive engagement, search engine traffic, and revenue for brands and organizations. Their tailored solutions include lead generation, geofencing marketing, Pay Per Lead platforms, and other digital advertising services such as AdWords.

In addition to his work at Propellant Media, Justin hosts a compelling podcast called “Blood, Sweat & Digital.” This podcast features the gritty stories of executives and business owners who have successfully scaled their enterprises using data and digital strategies. If you think you’d make a great guest for the podcast, reach out to Justin to begin the vetting process.


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