178: Marketing Brilliance in 2023 with Funnel Expert ALISHA CONLIN-HURD!

In today’s episode, Alisha Conlin-Hurd, the founder of Persuasion Experience, discussed her company’s expertise in the “post click” journey for B2B services and tech/SaaS companies. Persuasion Experience focuses on generating high-quality leads for its clients by using its “PX Funnel System” to leverage consumer research and turn insights into “Sniper Messaging,” “Golden Hippo Offers,” and automated sales funnels that can convert more traffic at scale.

According to Conlin-Hurd, Persuasion Experience has helped a wide range of companies, from freshly funded start-ups to billion-dollar brands like Linktree and Wayflyer. With over 450 funnels and landing pages under their belt, the company uses its expertise to create a seamless and persuasive customer journey that maximizes conversions.

At the heart of Persuasion Experience’s approach is the belief that understanding why someone buys from a company is key to creating effective messaging and sales funnels. By using data-driven insights to craft targeted messaging and offers, the company helps its clients convert more traffic and generate high-quality leads.

Overall, Persuasion Experience’s focus on the “post click” journey and data-driven approach to customer research and messaging makes it a valuable partner for B2B services and tech/SaaS companies looking to generate leads and scale their businesses. Learn more: https://www.persuasionexperience.com/


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