179: How To Boost Your Credibility Through Powerful PR! (w/ MICKIE KENNEDY!)

In this podcast episode, Mickie Kennedy, the founder of eReleases, joins the host to talk about his journey of launching a press release service for small businesses. Over 20 years ago, Mickie was working at a PR company when he received a call from a small business owner who wanted to send out a press release about winning an award. The owner had already contacted all the PR firms in the yellow pages, but their minimum starting price was $20,000, which was way out of his budget.

This experience inspired Mickie to create eReleases, a press release service that would provide small businesses with access to the media and national newswire at an affordable price. Since its launch, eReleases has grown and now works with big names, but the company’s original intent remains the same. Mickie believes in delivering personal service and exceptional value to every customer, regardless of their budget.

Apart from running eReleases, Mickie is also an avid writer and holds an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry from George Mason University. He still writes poetry most Monday nights virtually with a group of fellow misfits in Brunswick, Maryland. Mickie enjoys podcast interviews and has appeared as a guest on several shows.

Throughout the episode, Mickie shares valuable insights into the press release industry, including the importance of having a strong headline, the dos and don’ts of press releases, and the benefits of using a press release service like eReleases. Listeners will enjoy Mickie’s storytelling style and his passion for helping small businesses succeed. For more info, visit: https://ereleases.com/plan


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