180: The Crush Formula! (w/ SAMANTHA VARNER!)

Samantha Varner is a business coach and founder of SHE Collective, a company dedicated to empowering women to achieve financial independence through business ownership. Samantha values empowerment above all else, believing that owning a successful business can give women the financial security and independence they need to make choices about their work and their lives. Her business mission is to teach women the skills and mindset needed to create profitable businesses that provide opportunities for themselves and their families.

Samantha’s personal journey of moving around the world with her family led her to start her own business, and SHE Collective was born out of the desire to help women build profitable businesses. Through teaching sales communication, marketing strategy, financial knowledge, and mindset, Samantha empowers her clients to achieve more than they ever thought possible. She believes that by creating financially independent women, she is helping to create a better future for generations to come.

When she’s not coaching her clients, Samantha loves exploring the independent coffee shops in Houston and visiting Galveston’s unique beachside architecture. She credits her success to the community of women and moms she has built around her, as well as her best friend Kate Snowise, who has challenged her to believe in herself beyond what she thought was possible.

To learn more about Samantha Varner and SHE Collective, visit her website at www.shecollective.biz or follow her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/samanthanvarner


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