181: Flip Your Lifestyle! (w/ SHANE SAMS!)

In this episode, we’re joined by Shane Sams, who, along with his wife Jocelyn, transitioned from school teachers to successful online entrepreneurs. Shane shares how they faced initial struggles selling digital products until they found the key: offering what they knew people needed based on their own knowledge and experience.

Shane candidly discusses their life before the entrepreneurial leap – a typical American family, burdened with a mortgage, two kids, and a stress-inducing work-life balance. Following a distressing incident involving their son’s daycare, Shane realized the necessity of putting his family first, prompting a drastic career change.

Shane emphasizes the importance of having a strong ‘why’ – a motivation or purpose that justifies hard work and persevering through challenges. He shares powerful lessons from their journey, including the significance of taking action, valuing freedom over a steady paycheck, and the importance of controlling your own time.

Finally, Shane offers advice to budding entrepreneurs, emphasizing that starting a business can be a matter of either investing money or putting in hard work.


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