182: eCommerce Fulfillment & Logistics! (w/ HARRY DRAJPUCH!)

In this episode of our podcast, we meet Harry Drajpuch, a seasoned veteran in the logistics industry with over 30 years of experience. With an impressive background as a CEO and senior manager in major logistics firms, Harry has led the way in optimizing various aspects of logistics operations, ranging from eCommerce fulfillment and retail distribution to service parts distribution, reverse logistics, and transportation operations.

Harry’s unwavering dedication lies in driving operational discipline and ensuring top-notch quality. When he’s not busy revolutionizing the logistics world, Harry indulges in his passion for flying. As an instrument-rated pilot, he takes to the skies in his own plane, finding solace and exhilaration amidst the clouds.

Although originally from Brooklyn, Harry now resides in Chandler, Arizona, alongside his wife. However, his commitment to his work takes him on frequent travels across the country, as he visits customers and Amware facilities, leaving his mark on the logistics landscape wherever he goes. Tune in to this episode to hear Harry’s insightful perspectives on the industry and his experiences navigating the logistics realm.

See More Here: https://www.amwarelogistics.com/


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