183: Wealthy Woman Lawyer! (w/ DAVINA FREDERICK!)

In this episode, we interview Davina Frederick, Florida-licensed lawyer, author, and founder of Wealthy Woman Lawyer®. She guides women law firm owners to comfortably scale their businesses to $1 million and beyond.

Transitioning from 30 years in marketing to law, Davina discusses the contrast between being a skilled lawyer and operating a thriving business. She emphasizes that business growth is not just about financial gain but avoiding burnout and establishing key business pillars for sustainability.

We touch on why many women start their own firms – flexibility, often incompatible with traditional law firm models. These women are creating their ideal work environments, despite naysayers and mindset challenges.

On the topic of time and priority management, Davina proposes that the issue is often misaligned priorities rather than time shortage. She advocates for delegating low-value tasks to understand their true cost.

Navigating fee negotiations with clients, Davina argues that when you discount your fee, it’s like writing a check for the difference. She stresses having a clear system to maintain client confidence and prevent unnecessary negotiation.  Davina believes negotiation isn’t just about money, but understanding needs offers room for meaningful negotiation. Join us for this engaging conversation, where Davina shares her wisdom on growing law firms, challenging mindsets, and managing priorities.

For more info, visit: https://wealthywomanlawyer.com


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