185: How Travis Scaled & Exited 8 Companies to 9 Figures! (w/ TRAVIS STEFFEN!)

In this episode of our podcast, we’re delighted to welcome Travis Steffen, a seasoned serial founder with an impressive track record of 8 successful exits. Steffen, a former Inc 500 CEO and bestselling author of ‘Viral Hero,’ is currently the CEO of GrowthTeam.ai, where he helps subscription-based businesses double their growth rates within 90 days.

Steffen shares invaluable insights drawn from his wealth of experience, offering a blueprint for entrepreneurs on how to build scalable businesses and deliver unparalleled value to their customers. He emphasizes the crucial role of an exit strategy to stay attractive to potential buyers, while also maintaining a seat at the investor’s table.

Listen as Steffen dives into the importance of understanding your customers’ pain points, setting realistic goals, and designing systems primed for growth. He draws parallels between his journey from professional sports to entrepreneurship, highlighting the necessity of taking control and constructing robust structures for specific outcomes.

Diving deeper into growth strategies, Steffen speaks about the concept of ‘collaboration virality,’ leveraging your existing customer base to acquire new clients. He stresses the need for immediate action, shortening cycle times for feedback loops, and capitalizing on content.

The conversation also sheds light on the burgeoning role of AI in automating tasks, freeing up time, and adding value. Tune in to gain from Steffen’s rich knowledge and learn his modus operandi to build a thriving, scalable business with an eye on exponential outcomes.

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