186: How Smart Hires Compound Growth! (w/ CHRIS HANNA!)

In the latest episode, we had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Hanna, an ‘All-In Solopreneur’ with a mission to empower entrepreneurs to reclaim their time. As the Founder and CEO of Hire4Me Inc., Chris leverages his expertise to streamline the hiring process for small businesses, enabling owners to focus on their core competencies.

Our engaging discussion touched on his unique consulting service, ‘All-In Deep Dives,’ where Chris provides recommendations and implements quick wins for business growth. With a track record of recording 143 social media videos in just 4 hours, he has developed a remarkable process for batch-creating content. Whether coaching others to follow his lead or generating content for client brands, Chris is passionate about helping entrepreneurs establish a valuable online presence.

In addition, we delved into his entrepreneurial venture of creating the “Achieve More Planner,” an Amazon-listed product specially designed to enhance productivity.

Chris is not just a seasoned entrepreneur but also an insightful speaker and trainer. He uses these platforms to impart wisdom on leadership, personal branding, and self-reinvention, having hosted and trained at numerous workshops and business events.

In his leisure time, Chris enjoys poker and intriguingly integrates his poker skills within his business framework. If he ever stopped working, he’d be found at the poker table.

Chris’s drive to help others is truly inspiring, and if you share his entrepreneurial spirit, he encourages you to connect with him. For more insights from Chris and other leaders, tune in to ‘The Chris Hanna Show’ podcast, where invaluable lessons from entrepreneurial journeys are shared to help listeners enhance their performance and impact.

For more info, visit: https://hire4me.ca/


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