187: The Marketing Genius that Took Salesforce from 0 to Billions! (w/ RICK BENNETT!)

In this episode of our podcast, we had the privilege of hosting Rick Bennett, a secret advertising weapon for Silicon Valley, with over 30 years of experience in guerrilla warfare marketing. Known for his significant contributions to major brands like Oracle and Salesforce.com, Rick shared valuable insights into the world of advertising and marketing.

Rick emphasized the importance of unique messaging in advertising, urging brands to avoid claims that a competitor could easily duplicate. He also discussed the delicate balance of rebutting competitor provocations without falling into legal trouble over libel or slander.

Well known for his ability to craft legendary headlines, Rick advised listeners to make good use of rhetorical wargaming. He suggested using tools like SurveyMonkey for testing a variety of ideas, and also underscored the efficacy of giving away free products to the audience to generate interest and feedback.

Overall, this podcast episode offers a deep dive into advertising strategies and societal change, anchored by Rick Bennett’s experiences and insights. To learn more from Silicon Valley’s secret marketing assassin, download and listen to this episode.

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