189: Business Miracles! (w/ HEATHER DOMINICK!)

In this episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of Heather Dominick, an exceptional teacher and mentor who has been transforming the lives of highly sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders since 2010. Heather’s personal experiences, including the loss of her mother at a young age and starting her business amidst personal bankruptcy, have shaped her unique perspective and deep empathy.

Heather’s passion for education can be traced back to her childhood, where she transformed her bedroom into a classroom and conducted “life classes” under a school yard oak tree during recess. Her innate teaching abilities allow her to distill complex information into manageable and actionable steps, whether she’s teaching inner-city kids to perform Shakespeare or guiding highly sensitive individuals to recognize their worth and increase their income.

With a Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre from New York University, where she also received her first coach training, Heather’s commitment to continuous learning and growth is evident. She has studied directly with renowned thought leaders such as Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Caroline Myss, and Dr. Aron, as well as worked with a senior psychotherapist in New York City since 1995.

Heather’s extensive training equips her with a diverse set of modalities, allowing her to create unique tools, teachings, and trainings designed to address the underlying issues that hold members of the Business Miracles Community back from fulfilling their life purposes. Her expertise in identifying individual needs and overcoming ingrained patterns of nervous system overwhelm ensures success for each member, even going beyond the comprehensive Highly Sensitive Leadership Training Programs by referring individuals to therapeutic resources when necessary.

Throughout her career, Heather has received countless gratitude cards and gifts, a testament to the profound impact she has on her clients’ lives. She shares one of these recent testimonials to showcase the incredible transformation waiting for those who embark on the journey of Highly Sensitive Leadership.

As your mentor, Heather Dominick considers it an honor to guide you on this remarkable path of claiming Highly Sensitive Leadership for yourself and positively impacting those around you.

Learn More Here: https://BusinessMiracles.com


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