190: Client Attraction Secrets! (w/ NATASHA HO!)

Natasha Ho is an accomplished business consultant and marketing expert who specializes in assisting service-based entrepreneurs scale their businesses to six figures and beyond. Known as a magnetic marketer, lead gen leader, and positioning powerhouse, Natasha dedicates her time to helping creative professionals, consultants, and coaches with premium offerings attract ideal clients. Her aim is to simplify the journey to success in marketing and entrepreneurship and enable her clients to build wealth effectively.

Holding a firm belief that entrepreneurs can run successful businesses without sacrificing their personal life, Natasha advocates starting with the end in mind. She insists that failure to generate desired income is not due to a lack of effort, but rather due to the lack of the right marketing model. Natasha believes in rewiring the mind for ease and effectiveness in business growth rather than just working harder. She opposes the notion of perfection and supports the idea of embracing simplicity, experimentation, and even wrong answers.

Natasha’s successful track record is evident in her client testimonials. For instance, Michelle made $9k in sales within two weeks of signing on with Natasha, while Carmen closed a $5k sale after just one session. Another client, Meredith, saw her monthly business revenue increase from $3k to $12k after working with Natasha.

Natasha offers three key services: a 30-day program called ‘Captivate’ focusing on refining a business’s client avatar, messaging, positioning, and visibility strategy; the ‘Master Your Marketing VIP Day’ that offers a marketing process diagnosis and plan; and ‘The Six Figure Inner Circle’, a membership program that provides structure for consistent client and income generation.

In conclusion, Natasha Ho empowers her clients to master their time, income, business, and story. She provides them with the strategies, skills, structure, and support they need to transform their businesses into sources of wealth, joy, and fulfillment.

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