191: Overcoming the Top 3 Entrepreneurial Challenges! (w/ LISA L. LEVY!)

Lisa L. Levy is a best-selling author and the CEO of Lcubed Consulting. She is a nationally recognized authority in project management, process management, and organizational change management. Lisa founded Lcubed Consulting in 2009 with a goal to reinvent the consulting model by encouraging cross-functional work and breaking down silos. As a technology enthusiast and Porsche sports car driver, she is also a disruptive catalyst, helping organizations future-proof their operations through her innovative Adaptive Transformation™ framework.

Lcubed Consulting specializes in readiness, delivery, and improvement in management and technology, bringing in experienced subject matter experts for each engagement. Under Lisa’s guidance, the firm concentrates on project management, process performance management, internal controls, and organizational change management. By incorporating these best practices into the Adaptive Transformation™ framework, Lcubed aids growing companies who lack the manpower or budget to build out these functions on their own.

Lisa’s Adaptive Transformation™ framework, detailed in her book, “Future Proofing Cubed: The Definitive Guide to Improving Productivity, Refining Process and Bolstering Profitability,” aims to build project management, process performance management, internal controls, and organizational change management skills into all business roles and functions. It is designed to drive results and demonstrate value, enabling agile leadership and minimizing resistance within organizations. A customer-centric focus is key to this framework, with all operations measured against their impact on the customer.

Looking ahead, Lisa plans to establish an Adaptive Transformation™ Academy, focusing on these four foundational disciplines. She is also exploring the launch of a monthly video and podcast platform, hosting discussions with disruptive leaders across industries. A Mastermind or Council is also under consideration to provide a confidential space for leaders to share and test ideas. With a solid foundation and forward-thinking strategies, Lisa L. Levy and Lcubed Consulting continue to push boundaries and champion innovative approaches to business management.

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