192: Money, Profits, Strategy! (w/ LAUREN COLSON!)

In this episode, we host the exceptional Lauren Colson, the guiding light of Colson Strategies. With her unique expertise in finance and personable approach, Lauren addresses some of the financial hurdles business owners often stumble upon, such as hidden money leaks and flawed bookkeeping.

Throughout the conversation, she sheds light on the necessity of diligently auditing profit and loss statements, handling software costs wisely, and focusing on business projects that promise a robust impact on the bottom line. Lauren also navigates the complex terrains of cash flow projections and balance sheet interpretations, advocating the value of a trustworthy financial partner in driving profitability.

Key takeaways from the episode emphasize the importance of regular financial reviews and precise expense tracking to circumvent monetary leaks and ensure bookkeeping accuracy. Lauren also advocates for a focused investment strategy, channeling resources towards the most impactful projects.

About Lauren Colson: Lauren Colson, the brain behind Colson Strategies, marries numerical brilliance with a knack for connecting with people. Committed to easing the financial fears of business owners, she strives to provide them with the tools to make sound decisions. Off duty, Lauren savors her roles as a mother of two, an ardent coffee drinker, and a lover of books, beach escapades, and nurturing a positive mindset.

Learn More Here: https://colsonstrategies.com


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