193: Tom Cruise, Millions in Amazon Funding, Accrueme (w/ DON HENIG!)

In this podcast episode, listeners are treated to an enlightening interview with Don Henig, a multi-faceted entrepreneur hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Henig’s entrepreneurial journey began at the tender age of 11, and over the years, he has built successful businesses across industries such as finance, publishing, mortgage, real estate, entertainment, and even film production, having produced 8 feature films.

His latest venture, AccrueMe®, stands as a testament to his innovative mindset. AccrueMe is a fintech company specializing in providing growth capital to Amazon Sellers in a unique and game-changing model. Unlike traditional financing methods, AccrueMe offers capital without interest, fees, or required monthly payments and no loss of ownership. Their revenue-sharing model ensures that they only profit when the seller profits, making them one of the safest sources of growth funds for Amazon Sellers aiming to expand their business.

In the podcast, Don reflects on his remarkable journey, including his successes in various industries and his position as the former president of 3 out of 4 divisions of a NYSE listed company, overseeing 7,000+ employees, and funding over $100 billion in mortgage financing. He also shares anecdotes from his early years, such as becoming the #1 salesperson for the Long Island Press at age 11, and discusses his foray into the world of film production.

The conversation uncovers the driving forces behind AccrueMe and delves into how Don’s innovative approach to financing is transforming the way Amazon Sellers grow their businesses. This episode is an inspiring look at the mind of an entrepreneur who is never afraid to challenge conventional norms and continuously strives to offer solutions that may initially seem “too good to be true,” but prove to be both real and revolutionary.

Learn More Here: https://www.accrueme.com/


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