204: How to Build a 7 Figures Franchise! (w/ MARTY GREENBAUM!)

Marty Greenbaum is a distinguished 30-year veteran in the franchising domain, renowned for his role as a trusted franchise consultant and matchmaker. Throughout his illustrious career, Marty has been instrumental in guiding countless individuals in determining the right fit in franchising, aligning their passions with business opportunities that aid in achieving their personal and financial aspirations. His depth of experience is derived from a lifelong dedication to serving businesses and his roles as both a business and marketing agency owner. Marty’s vast interactions span across various industries, having collaborated with numerous companies and their top brass.

His genuine care for clients, combined with his unmatched expertise, allows him to serve as a guiding beacon without imposing any pressure. Clients deeply value Marty’s educational approach that equips them with the necessary tools and understanding of franchise acquisition. In 2004, Marty founded Greenbaum Marketing, a trailblazing marketing firm specializing in consumer marketing, franchise growth, and brand positioning. Over 15 years, Marty has been instrumental in assisting prominent franchise brands, boasting collaborations with over 120 names like Great Clips, Ben & Jerry’s, Smoothie King, and REMAX, among others.

A passionate advocate for the franchise sector, Marty has earned the title of Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) from the International Franchise Association. He has also been a proactive voice for franchising on Capitol Hill, liaising with Congress members to address pivotal industry challenges.

Marty’s profound insights into the industry underscore two key principles: Franchising isn’t a universal fit, as it demands strict adherence to established systems, and embarking on a business venture requires an amalgamation of courage and grit. Contrary to popular belief, he emphasizes that franchises are not merely purchased; they are awarded. Marty underscores the importance of treating franchise discussions as crucial opportunities, reminding potential franchisees of the rigorous evaluation they undergo by franchisors.

In essence, Marty Greenbaum stands as a paragon in the franchise industry, marked by his vast expertise, unwavering integrity, and an undying commitment to guiding individuals towards their entrepreneurial dreams.

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