207: Corporate Job to $2B & 2,000 Apartments! (w/ JENNIFER MORIMOTO!)

Jennifer Morimoto is a dynamic business leader and entrepreneur, currently serving as the COO and Co-Founder of Madison Investing, where she is pivotal in shaping the company’s strategy, operations, and finances. Her role at Madison Investing underscores her acumen in business development and her ability to steer complex projects to success.

Alongside her responsibilities at Madison Investing, Jennifer also holds the position of CEO at Madison Education, a residential real estate holding company. This organization is particularly close to her heart, as it supports financial literacy non-profit programs throughout the United States. Her commitment to education and empowerment is further exemplified in her role as a mentor in The Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program. Here, Jennifer dedicates her time and expertise to supporting Hispanic business owners, offering them valuable insights through education, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

Before embarking on her journey in the real estate and education sectors, Jennifer had a successful career leading e-commerce and digital marketing teams for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands. This experience armed her with a deep understanding of digital strategies and consumer engagement, skills that have been instrumental in her subsequent ventures.

Jennifer’s roots trace back to South Pasadena, California. Her academic journey led her to the University of Colorado, Boulder, after which she spent several years in Denver. Eventually, Jennifer, along with her partner Spencer, decided to relocate to the San Francisco Bay Area, which they now call home along with their two children.

Jennifer’s story is one of balancing a busy professional life with her role as a parent. Her journey into real estate investing and advocacy for financial literacy began in the precious moments after her children’s bedtime, during ferry commutes home, and in conversations on date nights. Together with Spencer, she immersed herself in learning, engaging in podcasts, consulting mentors, reading extensively, and actively planning their future in real estate—a journey so integral to their lives that Jennifer gifted Spencer a whiteboard for his birthday to sketch out their plans.

Today, Jennifer and Spencer stand as accomplished real estate investors and fervent advocates for financial literacy, a testament to their dedication, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to making a positive impact in their community and beyond.

Learn more here: https://MadisonInvesting.com


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